Commission: Clemmy Photographer

I have known Clemmy (AKA Michael Clement) for a long time. He met my husband back in the day at college, where they both studied, and had a passion for, photography.

We watched Clem develop (groan) as a photographer, and were lucky enough for him to take our wedding photos in 2011. It was great having someone we trust on our day. He really understands the type of images his clients want. (…and here’s a sneaky peek of our fave photo he nabbed of us!)


This year seems to have been a particularly busy one for Clem- great news for a freelance photographer- gaining a good reputation for both studio and events photography in the south east of England.

At the beginning of the year he contacted me to commission bespoke artworks for his ‘full day package’ customers. In a time when printed photographs are losing their place in favour of Facebook albums, Clem wanted to create something for families to enjoy and keep. 

The solution is beautiful, functional, personal and simple.

katie artwork

I enjoy carefully plotting the placement of the lettering and finalising the lines in my Pentel FP10 (which I LOVE- can anyone recommend a similar product to test out?) I also love how the couples’ names intertwine in a totally unique way each time!


Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 20.43.58

I scan and clean the linework in photoshop using a pen tablet – the only time I use it, infact! It’s perfect for smoothing out curves and making tiny adjustments to balance the image. The final artwork is printed A5, and still has the ‘brushmark’ quality to it, so vectorizing is unnecessary. The process has similaries and differences to my usual process, despite looking so different to most of my work.

If you’re interested in Clemmy’s work, check out his website and facebook.


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