A little loved-up commission

I was recently asked by sweet friends of mine (T&K) to create a special print for their friends’ upcoming wedding. They had the perfect phrase in mind, a little reminicent of one of my favourite songs “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” byThe Shirelles. They wanted something a little swirly, a little girly, and it had to be TIFFANY BLUE! A delicious choice of colour.

I usually do some sketches, get down the right track, and make a few edits when doing these type of commissions. I can personalise every stage of the process, even include framing, but T&K requested an A4 print and they framed it at home. My prints are all on smooth, matte white 230GSM archival paper.

This was my first sketch, which I then coloured. I suggested perhaps adding the special date and the newlywed names.


T&K couldnt decide on how traditional the design should be, so I mocked up a super swirly option, which divided opinion!


I found a compromise with some printed type instead- a perfect mix of traditional and modern. Here’s the final product.


Luckily I was told the print ‘went down an absolute treat’ with the newlyweds (hooray!) I’m chuffed they’ll have a special image to always remind them of their big day.

Drop me an email if you are interested in commissioning a special and unique image at katieallenillustrator@gmail.com!


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