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Wow, it really is hard to keep up with work, emails, etsy, emails, new projects, EMAILS! no wonder blogging falls by the wayside for so many of us.

So here’s a short roundup of what I’ve been up to.

Well, firstly we got a new housemate back in October:


Her name was Katie, but we welcomed her as Marshmallow.

I had a wonderful day at The Higgins Bedford running a Turner-inspired watercolour workshop during the Big Draw:


We’ve been busy tarting up our house:


I was invited to contribute to the Bedford Songbook:


I also made loads of new products for some local festive markets:


And finally have organised some fun stuff with The Circus of Illustration and Pavilion at the Park, Bedford:


With so many other things in-between. In 2016 I need to buckle down and work smarter (not harder!) and actually make more images. Simple right?


A little roundup of things I’ve been up to. (Lots of Pom Pom making! )    

Homestuff: IKEA jungle print curtains (made by muma Allen) and a bank holiday spent pressure washing the patio. 


Experimenting with net lighting on the patio, and little IKEA shelves above the bed (Leirvik frame)


Little sewing jobs like making a giant outdoor cushion!