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6 workdays until I am illustrating full time. More stuff on here. More happiness too! 



Things will be a little quite here for a while! We went and bought a house!


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It’s easy to get complacent with work, life and everything in-between. So this summer (summer holidays thanks to the day-job [arttechnician]) I took some time out to take a fresh look at illustration, direction, etc. I wanted to be more organised:

1. physically (workspace+money)

2. mentally (time management+commissions)

My first go-to was creating something I wanted to do for a long time… the most epic, all-encompassing Excel spreadsheet to end all Excel spreadsheets. I asked my technical advisor (read: husband) to help out. This process made me ask myself questions and record all the things that (until now) have just been floating around in my head. Simple things like

? the % commission that Etsy charge

? exact cost of a poster tube

? % wastage I spend on my printer going wrong 😦

Having a record of these things put my mind at rest and freed up head-space for the bigger picture… what am I doing?! I’m in the same boat as thousands of other creative-graduates: working a day-job, but feeling lost over their calling, asking themselves the classic questions:

“Should I work for free?”

“Is this a hobby?”

“Should I quit the day-job?”

“Should I give up?”

Being more organised gave me clarity, which is what I really needed. It’s refreshed my view, I’ve been able to work on new projects, and given me confidence to tackle things which had been relegated to the back-burner (e.g. starting this blog!)

The best bit? I’ve crossed out the “Should I give up?” question.


So if you’re like me- the creative graduate, you’ve got the day-job, you’ve had some commissions/sales… but where next?

Give yourself a break.

Empty your head.

Have some fun.